Terms of service

Terms of service

Terms of service agreement for Heimsnet products.

Terms of service

Heimsnet, the Provider shall hereafter be mentioned as any of the limited following: ‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘Heimsnet’. ‘You’ & ‘user’ is assigned to a person reading or following this terms of service document. ‘Client’ refers to a person who has paid and or used Heimsnet services. This terms of service document regards anything and everything related to Heimsnet, Heimsnet.eu and all its subsidiaries and domains. After signing up with a Heimsnet Account through Heimsnet Cloud, Heimsnet Pterodactyl Panel or Heimsnet Billing Panel or simply joining our discord you are bound to agree to this document to continue with your account. For this document is mandatory for approval of the registrar to ensure that terms are followed. For any questions regarding our terms of service please talk to a Operations or Managing Director through their respective emails listed here: https://heimsnet.eu/staff or through discord. Heimsnet and its subsidiaries are not affiliated to Mojang AB, Microsoft Corporation or Discord.

Accepting terms:

By using Heimsnet services you automatically accept the terms of service layed out in this document. By buying any Heimsnet service you accept these terms of service and any future updates made to this document. It is your responsibility as a customer to follow these terms of service and make sure you’re following the most up to date version of this document.

Client security:

If any data from nodes, configurations or anything that goes through tickets and support is leaked by a staff member the client has the right to a full refund and the fellow staff member will be fired under circumstances. If any client owned files are leaked by a server / system administrator the admin will receive a blacklist and client a 100% refund of the previous and current month (Hosting). Clients also follow these rules, they may not leak ticket, dms or any files given to them under certain circumstances, this can lead to a termination of all services. Support members of Heimsnet are allowed to go over your files only with your permission. Heimsnet, in accordance with GDPR articles, does not look at user files without permission.


Accepted payment methods are: PayPal, private bank transactions. Billing is done via a balance based system through billing.heimsnet.eu and or Discord.

– Hosting:

Hosting payments are done monthly through the /bal database on discord and the billing panel. If a client does not pay the fee of their server within 7 days of invoicing the server will be suspended and after 10 days of an incomplete invoice the server will be terminated. You are not allowed to negotiate on pricing.

-> Dedicated:

Dedicated sales are done directly through a ticket. Instead of using the billing panel we prefer to use our https://paypal.me/Heimsnet link due to fees and comfort.

– Refunds:

Refunds by chargeback through PayPal or anything unrelated to direct PayPal refunding is prohibited. If that happens; the client has agreed to this document and must therefore not in any way make a dispute claim for a refund and we have the right to use this against your dispute in that regard. Refunds are available under these circumstances: You have had your service for under 24 hours Your service has not worked correctly or isn’t working You accidentally ordered The payment did not work correctly Refunds do NOT apply to dedicated & virtual private servers. All cancellation requests are accepted if requirements are met.

– Invoicing:

Heimsnet does not have the right to invoice a user nor client without written permission through a discord based ticket or email. Invoicing can be done with the approval of the client for dedicated & discounted purchases. Invoices are done through PayPal.com.

– Cancellation of Service / Contract:

A client has the right to cancel a service at any time without reason. This does not include a refund unless an Executive says otherwise or it fits within our refund policy (see above). Cancellation of Service shall be done through a discord based ticket.

Private information:

Heimsnet Hosting Industries & their subsidiaries do not store any private information. This includes: Billing methods, legal names, legal documents, addresses, rendered footage or pictures. – Disclaimer: Heimsnet stores user IP addresses but with notice and permission. (Visit the privacy policy page for more info)

Reseller & Reuse:

You are permitted to resell all hosting services Heimsnet provides if they are used within legal boundaries. Notice of reselling is appreciated.

– Service Liability:

While using any form of hosting through our services no modifications are allowed to the core aspects of the service, meaning you may not modify something like a Discord bot server to become something else. You are not allowed to reclaim our work as your own, for example modifying private documents created by a Heimsnet employee. In doing so, action will be taken upon your account accordingly.

Fraudulent Activity:

Heimsnet has the right to declare anything as “fraudulent activity” and remove the user’s services or access to its network. Fraudulent activity can consist of anything that is illegal in the Republic of Iceland, European Union, United States of America, United Kingdom, Federal Republic of Germany and the The Kingdom of the Netherlands. Examples of fraudulent activity consist of but are not limited to:

  • Pyramid schemes
  • Botnets
  • Malware

Network Attacks:

Using Heimsnet’s services or its network for the distribution of Denial of Service Attacks (DoS) or anything that we feel was intent to disrupt network or user activity is prohibited. If this term is violated by any user or external entity the result may contain the following:

  • Service termination without notice.
  • Network blacklist and inaccessibility.
Using anything externally hosted or owned with intent to disrupt network or user activity is prohibited. Violation may result to the following:
  • Network blacklist and inaccessibility.
  • Perpetrator’s ip addresses blocked from our network.
  • Legal charges pressed.

Abuse of Service / Contract:

If we feel that anything you did with or regarding your service or contract was abusive we have the right to permanently terminate your service. Abuse of Service / Contract may include but is not limited to:

  • Excessively stressing hardware
  • Repeatedly overusing a server’s CPU limitations
  • Continuously cancelling a service with our refund policies and buying again.


Disclaimer: we are not liable for files on servers sold to clients as those files are considered user generated content which we have no control over. We reserve the right to shut down any client’s server if they have been found to be violating copyright law in the European Union, Republic of Iceland, The Federal Republic of Germany, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, the United States of America and any other country and / or territory that Heimsnet operates servers in. Examples of copyright violations may include but are not limited to:

  • Using leaked plugins for Minecraft servers
  • Hosting pirated software on a web hosting plan
  • Using copyrighted content on a website without having rights to it

This terms of service document may be updated at any time without notice, it is your responsibility as a client and user to follow these terms.

Last updated: 23/08/2020 22:53

If you have any further questions regarding our Terms of service don't hesitate to contact support.