Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Heimsnet Privacy Policy for Heimsnet services.


  1. Heimsnet the service provider and registrant of this document shall be referred to these terms: “(Heimsnet, Heimsnet Hosting, We, Us, Our, Controller.)”. The entity reading, agreeing or inquiring about this document shall hereinafter be “(User, You, Your, Client, Subject)”.
  2. The forms of data we collect shall be inherent in this list under subcategories sorted by the location the data is collected from.
    1. Pterodactyl Panel (
      1. Email Address
      2. Usernames and or names
      3. IP Address
      4. Activities onsite
      5. Discord ID *
      6. Discord Username *
      * is valid if the account was generated using our discord bot.
    2. Website ( or host):
      1. General Site:
        1. IP Address
        2. Activities onsite
        3. Email addresses *
        4. Usernames *
        * is valid if the subject has made an account on-site.
    3. Services (Bu-eu-1 through 6, Bu-eu 1 through 3, bu-dedi 1 through 5, we-1
      1. Minecraft Services:
        1. IP Addresses
        2. Files stored
        3. Subuser information (b, i, 1-4)
        4. Activity onsite
      2. Dedicated Services:
        1. IP Addresses
        2. Files stored
      3. Discord Services:
        1. IP Addresses
        2. Files stored
        3. Subuser information (b, i, 1-4)
        4. Activity onsite

Rights, Choice and Access:

  1. A client and or user has the right to get his or hers information completely removed from the site without reason. This may be practiced through a ticket on our discord server, in our onsite chatbox or an email to a managing or technical director. Art. 12, 1. GDPR.
  2. Heimsnet must respect and meet the demands a user and or clients proposals in terms of data collection and use.
  3. The client and or user has the right to submit a complaint regarding personal information and data collection at all times without cost.
  4. The controller must revoke the process of data collection and usage if a withdrawal of consent is submitted by a user. Art. 13, 2, c. GDPR.
  5. The subject is required to provide the necessary private information under certain circumstances which includes but is not limited to: Art. 13, 2, e. GDPR.
    1. Filing of a legal document
    2. If the subject is suspected of online impersonation
    3. If the subject is suspected of violating COPPA. COPPA Rule, 16 CFR part 312.
  6. Heimsnet does not have the right to access the information and data of the user without permission.
  7. Heimsnet is and will be liable for any data breaches / and or leaks to the core of their services however the collector shall not be liable for the breach of a user’s account.


  1. Measures we take:
    1. Code our own software to minimize the dependency of 3rd party software.
    2. Refuse to store billing information
    3. Do not sell any information
  2. Measures You should take:
    1. Not reuse passwords
    2. Change your passwords on a regular basis
    3. Use subusers instead of sharing accounts


  1. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  2. COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule)
    1. Use discord’s pre-existing COPPA compliance structure as a barrier to prevent unauthorized payments by a person under the age of 13.
  3. CCPA (Californian Consumer Protection Act)
    1. Have not and are not selling any information.
  4. DPA “Persónuvernd” (Iceland Data Protection Authority)

If you find anything out of the ordinary, mistyped, misleading or noncompliant please contact a staff member.


If you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy don't hesitate to contact support.